Flavoria Innovation Festival 13.-17.11.2023

Registration is open now for all students interested to participate. Sign-up latest on the October 30th!

Solving challenges in the food chain requires expertise from different fields. The development of the food chain’s operations also plays a significant role in the implementation of climate goals – for instance, the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity can be partially tackled by renewing the global food system.

Flavoria Innovation Festival focuses on these developments in the food chain. During the event, teams solve challenges presented directly by companies.

Any questions? Contact Emma: emma.sivula@utu.fi

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Challenges 2023:


Come join the innovation event!

In multidisciplinary teams, you get a new perspective on solving business challenges and get to make new contacts with the companies’ representatives.

Participation also accumulates study points.


Bring your challenge to the event. The topics and themes should be related to the challenges of the food chain. The challenge can be, for example, developing a product or a service or renewing a process. You will get three teams solving each challenge and more than one fresh, innovative solution.


You can also participate in the event as a mentor. Mentors are needed to challenge the students, give feedback and guide them to look at the problem from different perspectives.

Program and schedule
Fall 2022

The student team’s sessions take place in the afternoons, generally from 12:00-17:00.


Challenges 2022

Sodexo Oy

How to make the hybrid work to work? – Using experience design to create holistic consumer & employee experience

A typical lunch hour has changed. Prediction of customer flow is even harder. This causes for example food waste, and difficulties in the prediction of needed staff.

Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja

The sandwich process can’t use the end pieces of bread

How to reuse the end pieces of the bread in a efficient way and what could be a food product in which a significant amount of left-over bead could be used?

Leipomo Rosten Oy

Development of a new commercially interesting and sustainable salty product

A savory pastry for coffee shops and the shop’s baking point, which aims to respond to changed trends and consumer desires and needs.